Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion Leak

Hey, it's been a while since we had a big old Cyberpunk 2077 leak, hasn't it? If true, this latest blunder is a big one, because it tells us loads of stuff about the game's first expansion, which is yet to be officially revealed. Apparently, dataminers have managed to pull this information from a patch, and subsequently leak it all online. As reported by VGC, the data includes hundreds of lines of dialogue from the aforementioned expansion, which basically outlines the whole thing.

The DLC will supposedly be set in the existing Night City map, but will open up parts of Pacifica that were inaccessible during the main campaign. The first expansion taking place in and around Pacifica has actually been a rumour for ages, but this pretty much confirms it (again, if the data is the real deal).

The leak references seven main story missions, a new character named Songbird, and a near total lack of Johnny Silverhand — the digital 'ghost' who lives inside of your character's head, played by Keanu Reaves. He's "silenced" by Songbird, apparently, on several occasions. Convenient!

Side quests and world events are also included in the leak, along with new dialogue that occurs at the end of the main game. This dialogue references the events of the expansion, but supposedly doesn't change much about Cyberpunk's conclusions.

It all seems fairly legit to us, but are you ready to jump back into Cyberpunk 2077? Wait for the inevitable announcement in the comments section below.

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