Ugly Sonic

As it turned out, the Sonic the Hedgehog films came out rather well. Both are fun, fan-pleasing adventures that have done great numbers at the box office. However, there was a time before the first movie released when things were not looking good. Remember the above-pictured monstrosity? Thank goodness that character model was revised, and the old one forgotten. Well, that old design hasn't quite been forgotten. In fact, "Ugly Sonic" is set to make an appearance in a movie after all.

Because we're living in the strangest timeline and apparently anything can happen, this binned version of Sonic is featured as a cameo in Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. That's right — he's in a Disney movie. A clip, for those who understandably refuse to believe this preposterous turn of events:


How did this come about, then? Ugly Sonic in a Disney animated film? Director Akiva Schaffer says it wasn't easy. Speaking to Polygon about licensing third-party characters for the movie, he says it all came down to the legal team. "It was a process. […] You don’t usually come out of a movie and want to thank the lawyers, but we genuinely owe the Disney lawyers for being team players," he said. Apparently, Ugly Sonic is one of his favourite cameos in the film.

Anyway, what do you think about this? Are you happy Ugly Sonic finally gets to shine, or should he never have seen the light of day again? Get weirded out by his human teeth in the comments section below.

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