PS5 Stock
Image: Damien McFerran / Push Square

It comes as absolutely no surprise, but Sony really wants to sort out these ongoing PS5 stock issues. The current-gen console is still being hamstrung by problems in the supply chain — both at manufacturing and shipping levels.

The Japanese giant calls the continued supply issues a "top priority" in its latest business overview — but it expects things to get a lot better in the relatively near future. It points out that — as we already knew — the PS5 has now fallen behind in terms of sales when compared to the PS4's first couple of years on the market. However, in the PS5's third year — which would begin this November, stretching into 2023 — Sony hopes to have the current-gen box back on track. Then, in 2024, the PS5 should once again overtake its predecessor.

So how is Sony actually going to solve its supply situation? Well, for starters, it's now sourcing parts from multiple suppliers — expanding production plans so that it isn't necessarily caught out when a shortage hits. It's also in the process of negotiating new delivery routes so that it can more efficiently get PS5s to where they need to be. At least in the short term, these steps should help mitigate the supply problems as the whole process slowly returns to normal.

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