What started off as a request from the ResetEra forum has now become a reality: PlayStation 3 indie classic Shatter is being remastered as Shatter Remastered Deluxe for PS5 and PS4 later this year. This new version will feature new VFX, a 4K resolution, 120 frames-per-second support, and a remixed soundtrack for $9.99.

"Progress through stages, unlocking powerful upgrades and earning the right to challenge massive bosses. Compete in local multiplayer modes, take on online leaderboards, and become a brick-breaking champion," a press release reads. A few different screenshots can be viewed below to accompany the announcement trailer up top.

PikPok CEO Mario Wynands explained how blown away the team was with the success of the original game, both critically and commercially. "As a recognized 'modern retro' classic, we are excited to now bring Shatter Remastered Deluxe to a contemporary audience taking advantage of all the capabilities of the consoles of today, including stunning 4k resolution, enhanced FX, and a 5.1 surround sound remastered soundtrack."

Do you have fond memories of the PS3 original? Way back at release in 2009, we gave Shatter a 9/10. Just one week after publication, the game became the second most downloaded title on PSN ever. Of course, those records have long been beaten several times over, but it's a nice trip down journey lane for something many fondly remember.