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Image: Push Square

Sony’s not going to suddenly mandate online connectivity for the games included in its new PS Plus tiers, but a weekly handshake will be required to ensure you still have an active subscription. The company clarified on the PS Blog: “When playing a downloaded game from the game catalogue in PS Plus Extra and Premium plans, you’ll need to connect to PSN every seven days to validate your PS Plus membership and maintain your access to the game.”

The reason for this is fairly self-explanatory: it’s to prevent you from downloading a game and then continuing to play it offline in perpetuity. The same validation was required for PS Now as well, although it was a 14-day check-in period there.

“Please note, this step is only required for game catalogue titles in the PS Plus Extra and Premium. It does not apply to the monthly downloadable games available through PS Plus Essential,” the PS Blog post continues. PS Plus Essential is obviously just a renamed version of the existing PS Plus service, so don’t expect any changes there.