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We live in a bubble here at Push Square, we really do. As long-time gaming enthusiasts, we know our ADS from our FPS [Well, technically that could be first-person shooter or frames-per-second – Ed] but not everyone does. That’s why we reckon it’s cool that Sony has compiled a lexicon for gaming phrases and acronyms that you may not actually understand.

The Urban Dictionary for PS5 and PS4 explains terms like DPS, End Game, and even – shudder – Git Good. It’s surprisingly earnest and thoughtfully presented, and we daresay it may help a few new gamers out – we even learned a thing or two reading through the page, like the meaning of “ganking”, which was a new one on us.

You can take a look at all the explanations through here and brush up on your gaming lexicon. Are there any phrases or terms that you’ve never really understood? Be honest in the comments section below.

[source playstation.com]