PlayStation London Studio Live Service Game

Like it or not, Sony is betting big on live service games — a point that was hammered home when the PlayStation maker announced its move to acquire Destiny developer Bungie for a whopping $3.6 billion. We also know that the company plans to release ten live service titles by 2026 — a significant push that would suggest several of Sony's first-party studios will be drafted.

But even knowing all of that, we didn't expect PlayStation London Studio to go from PSVR gangster sim Blood & Truth to what sounds like some kind of fantasy-based live service game. According to a new job listing, the developer wants a narrative design lead who can help deliver rich lore and storytelling through a live service model.

It's definitely got a whiff of something like Destiny about it — except it's worth mentioning that London Studio (as far as we know) is nowhere near the size of a juggernaut like Bungie. The listing mentions "years of ongoing story" and building "rich, narratively exciting characters".

In any case, it sounds like this project is still a while off from being revealed, but Sony's going to have to go ahead and detail some of its live service plans sooner or later. What do you think of this direction? Create your own fantastical universe in the comments section below.

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