OlliOlli World Void Riders PS5 PS4

OlliOlli World arrived back in February, and it elevates everything about the side-scrolling skateboarding series to a new level. While the base game has plenty to see and do, developer Roll7 has been working hard to release a pair of expansions, and we've got a taste of what to expect from the first of these courtesy of GameSpot.

Named Void Riders, the first expansion pack will put a sci-fi spin on the game. While aliens have been present in the game from the start, this new content will bring them to the forefront, along with a bunch of new characters to meet. The only one with a name so far is Nebulord, the imposing purple figure in the above image. "He's not a baddie, he's just quite selfish," says Roll7's John Ribbins. "He's quite self-centered. And so that kind of brings a different spin, because you don't really meet any characters like that in the main game." Interesting.

Perhaps more exciting is the promise of new gameplay mechanics. The main game already has a lot to get to grips with, but it's all based on real world skating, even if it does put a comic book spin on things. With Void Riders, the plan is to use its otherworldly setting to introduce "really out there" ideas, one of which appears to revolve around tractor beams. We're interested to see how these play into the new stages.

Aside from that, there will also be a bunch of new customisation items to gather and a new story, adjacent to the one in the original game. It sounds pretty robust — we're looking forward to hopping back in. Void Riders is pencilled in for a Summer release on PS5 and PS4. Will you be playing the expansion? Score a perfect landing in the comments section below.

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