The Quarry PS5 PS4

The Quarry, the next game from developer Supermassive Games, is due out very soon indeed, releasing on 10th June 2022. While that date is still very much in place, the team has made the decision to delay the game's online functionality.

When it arrives on PS5 and PS4 next month, The Quarry's online multiplayer modes will be missing for just under a month:

"The game will launch on June 10 with local couch co-op and movie mode alongside the single-player campaign," reads the statement. "However, we've made the difficult decision to delay the online multiplayer mode to deliver the best possible experience for you".

The game's online features will be patched in a few weeks later on 8th July, so thankfully it's not too big a wait. Ideally it'd be there at launch, but if it needs some extra time to get it right, this seems like the right call. The online multiplayer will allow users to party up and cast votes on player choices, turning it into a shared, co-op experience.

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