Fallen Flag Studio is patching new boss fights, weapons, and locations into its isometric Soulslike title Eldest Souls, all available for free today in the Depths of the Forgotten expansion. The update is said to be around 30 per cent the size of the base game, adding three new bosses, four more weapons, and a new area located behind the door in the Enchanted Forest. There's also a new shard named Empire's Wrath, but how you unlock it is being kept a secret.

The Depths of the Forgotten update adds three more boss encounters to the game: The Rejected Daughter, The Rotten Crown, and Zylad, Lord of Steel. All three are pictures below, but the former is "a monstrous outcome of mixing human and godly genes into a single being". You'll also meet a new NPC on your travels called Orenai the Watcher. As for the new weapons, there are the Kingsguard, The Executioner, Wind Dancer, and Saint's Hand.

"As a small team of friends who dropped out of university to pursue their dream, this has meant a lot to us. All this new content is our way of saying a big 'thank you' to everyone who has played it," studio co-founder Francesco Barsotti said on the PlayStation Blog.

While we didn't review the game, Eldest Souls sits on a Metacritic rating of 79 for the PlayStation 5 version. "Though it wears its overly obvious influences on its sleeve, Eldest Souls is an incredibly satisfying boss rush that still manages to set itself apart," said IGN. "Its brilliant combat is complimented by a smart skill system and some incredible pixel art."

This Depths of the Forgotten expansion sounds like more of a good thing, then. The game costs £15.99/$19.99 on the PS Store. Will you be taking it for a spin? Let us know in the comments below.

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