Marvel's Midnight Suns PS5 PS4

We almost forgot this game exists, to be honest. Marvel's Midnight Suns, a mix of strategy and action from XCOM studio Firaxis, has been quiet for a long time now. The last we heard was about six months ago, when the game was delayed to the second half of 2022. Now, a new development seems to suggest the title could release in this window after all.

Over on the South Korean ratings website, Midnight Suns has just been classified, and you can view the listing through here. This is worth noting, because usually, ratings such as this indicate a game's release is not too far behind. It's possible we're on the verge of some major news about the elusive title. Given the timing — Summer Game Fest, and presumably other events, are happening in a matter of weeks — it seems likely we'll finally see more about this game, and probably get a release date, too.

It's not a confirmation, but these ratings are pretty reliable indicators. Are you looking forward to learning more about Midnight Suns? Play your cards right in the comments section below.

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