Kratos in Fortnite

Enthusiast gamers might be exasperated by the ongoing success of free-to-play and live service titles, but there's a very good reason why every publisher is chasing after them. In a nutshell, they rake in a lot of money. We've seen proof of that from all corners of the industry, and Sony's recent investor presentation hammers it home with a key statistic.

Last year — that is to say, financial year 2021 — 25 per cent of the total spend on PS Store was from free-to-play PS4 games. Of everything purchased on PlayStation's digital storefront, free-to-play titles with their microtransactions and add-ons accounted for an entire quarter, and that's just considering PS4. If you throw in money spent on PS5 F2P games as well, the figure will be even bigger.

As you can imagine, Fortnite is a massive driving force behind this, but Sony also identifies Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Rocket League as top earners.

Elsewhere in Sony's report, projected figures point to a future where digital add-ons will far outstrip the traditional model of premium physical/digital games. It's no wonder Sony is investing in live service software; it's estimating more than half of its software investments will be in games of this ilk by 2025.

It all makes perfect business sense when you lay out all the data, but what do you think? Are you spending much on free-to-play games on PS5 or PS4? Discuss in the comments section below.