State of Play Fake

Oh no, we've somehow travelled back in time to an era when wonky off-screen photos of leaked press conferences were all the rage! Actually, hold on...these tweets are dated 2022, and they're talking about Sony's upcoming State of Play. Are we really still doing this?!

As it turns out, yes, yes we are. Unbelievably, several images, supposedly exposing Sony's plans for this week's broadcast, are being passed around on social media. Trying to track down the original sources for some of these pictures is incredibly difficult — as far as we know, they're just being picked up by more popular accounts — but it doesn't really matter since they're so clearly fake.

What's even crazier is that this next "leak" is meant to be fake. It's purposefully put together to demonstrate just how easy it is to get the ball rolling on ridiculous rumours — and it's still being shared and passed around as if it's the real deal. A perfect example.

Now look, some of the "leaks" on these lists are somewhat reasonable. A release date for Stray? Sure. A glut of PSVR2 titles after Sony specifically said that they would play a part in this showcase? Of course. The bottom line is that if you have a decent understanding of how these shows go, you can probably make up a believable leak. You might even end up being right on a few of your guesses — but come on.

We just can't quite believe that photos like this are still a thing. Events like State of Play never leak in this kind of capacity, but then we are heading into the summer months, which has always been the perfect time for such absurd rumours.

Some things never change!