GreedFall 2

Solid action RPG GreedFall is getting a sequel, publisher Nacon has announced. It's targeting a 2024 release date, which is perhaps a bit surprising when you remember that its developer, Spiders, is also working on Steelrising, which is due out later this year. They've been busy!

The sequel's official title is GreedFall II: The Dying World, and it's actually going to be a prequel that takes place three years before the events of the first game. "This time you play as a native of Teer Fradee, uprooted by force from your island and taken to the continent of Gacane, where the colonists are from. In this old world ravaged by war and scarred by the Malichor plague and the political scheming of the different factions, you must regain your freedom and control of your own destiny," reads the press release.

It sounds like GreedFall 2 is still a character-driven RPG, but there is mention of new gameplay twists. The press release says: "Continuing the winning formula of the first game, GreedFall 2 is an RPG that focuses on story and player choice but also includes new gameplay in the form of more tactical combat and revisits the unique universe created by its predecessor." Interesting.

No specific platforms have been announced yet — just "consoles" — but we'd be shocked if this skipped PS5 and PS4.

For what it's worth, we think that GreedFall 2 could be really good. As alluded, the original GreedFall is a decent game — an adventure that teeters on the edge of being great, but it doesn't quite make the jump. A sequel could definitely build and improve upon what's come before.

Are you up for GreedFall 2? Did you play the first game? Interrogate some baddies in the comments section below.