Instead of waiting for Summer Game Fest for a Gotham Knights update, how about one tomorrow? The game's official Twitter account has confirmed it will have news to share at 2pm BST / 6am PT tomorrow, with gameplay likely being a part of the info dump. Nightwing and Red Hood will be the focus of the news, the tweet suggests.

If today's leak proves to be true, this is likely also when we find out about four player co-op for Gotham Knights. Up until now, online play for just two players has been confirmed, but an updated PS Store listing now says the game "supports up to 4 online players with PS Plus". We'll bring you the update as it drops tomorrow here on the site.

The last time we heard anything meaningful out of Warner Bros was when the game's PS5, PS4 release date was announced a few months back: 25th October 2022. In addition to the aforementioned Nightwing and Red Hood, you'll also be able to play as Batgirl and Robin.