Brazilian team Pulsatrix Studios must surely have taken at least a bit of inspiration from Resident Evil Village during the development of Fobia - St. Dinfna Hotel — just look at how it plays in the trailer above! You've got the first-person perspective with the same sort of weapon holding as the 2021 title, a similar inventory system, and those classic puzzles. Still, we named Resident Evil Village our 2021 Game of the Year so we're hardly complaining.

This indie take on the survival horror genre is coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 28th June 2022, promising a fight against the supernatural within the confines of the St. Dinfna Hotel. You'll play as rookie journalist Roberto, who possesses a camera that lets you see into the past and the future. You'll use this to solve puzzles and plot your next move.

If you're interested, a demo is already available to play on Steam. "Discover a series of clues, navigate events through time, and defend yourself against monstrous creatures that stalk the hotel corridors," a press release explains. Would you consider yourself interested? Book a room in the comments below.