Yesterday was a big day for Fall Guys, making several major announcements. Most notably, the game is going free-to-play, but it's also receiving a dedicated PS5 version, cross-play and cross-progression, and a brand new season of fresh content for players to enjoy. One thing we straight up missed among all the excitement, however, was a small tease for a level editor at the end of Mediatonic's presentation.

Yes, that's right β€” Fall Guys is getting an in-game editor, allowing players to create custom rounds and share them with the world. We've embedded the video above at the right time stamp to show the brief tease of what's coming.

Judging by what we can see in the snippets of gameplay, there will be lots of scenery pieces, gameplay gadgets, and obstacles with which you can create your very own courses. One stipulation is that you must be able to clear the level before you can publish it, which is the same as the system used in Super Mario Maker β€” prove it's winnable, and then you can let others enjoy it.

The presenters emphasise that this major new feature is still "a fair way from release", so it'll be a while before you can torture your friends with (almost) impossible levels. Still, are you excited about the idea of custom levels in Fall Guys? Use your imagination in the comments section below.

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