Alright, so to be clear, there hasn't been a Bloodborne remaster announcement. However, there has been a fabricated one — and it's blown up. Impersonating popular gaming news account Nibel, somebody fooled thousands into thinking Sony had finally made every FromSoftware fan's dreams come true.

Above is the tweet that had many jumping up from their seats — at first glance, it's pretty convincing, but of course on closer inspection it all falls apart. The PS Blog link sends you to a post from 2015, and the account name is obviously misspelled. It's a nasty hoax, yes, but more than anything, it's proven the appetite for Bloodborne's return.

The action RPG is among the best on PS4, and many would argue it's FromSoftware's strongest title to date. However, despite the universal acclaim, mountains of fan art (and fan games), and countless calls for the game to be supported, Sony has done nothing with it. Not a week goes by that fans don't plea for even just a PS4 Pro performance patch to fix the title's infamously choppy frame rate. More recently, those same fans have been clamouring for the game to come to PS5 and PC, either with a remaster or a full-on remake. Of course, it's all (seemingly) falling on deaf ears, as Bloodborne remains untouched years later.

Although this fake announcement is unquestionably frustrating, it does make it clear as day that a Bloodborne remaster would go down extremely well. At the time of writing, the tweet is on 10.4k likes and counting, and just looking through replies and quote tweets, excitement and anticipation for this elusive project is through the roof. If anyone from Sony is paying attention, surely this is as good a pitch as any that bringing back Bloodborne would be a Good Idea™.

Would you like to see Bloodborne get the remaster it deserves? Would you prefer a full-blown remake at this point, or even a sequel? Dream big in the comments section below.