Amanita Design isn't exactly a household name, but its thoughtful, unusual puzzle adventure games are nearly all winners. Machinarium and Creaks are two examples that spring to mind, though the team has made many others in a similar vein. The latest in this line of curious titles is Phonopolis, just announced and already looking good.

Currently in "multiplatform development", presumably meaning it'll eventually come to PS5, PS4, or both, the game is described as a hand-crafted adventure, with the world and its inhabitants all constructed from cardboard. Delivered with purposely choppy stop-motion animation, it has buckets of style, and the titular dystopian city carries an intriguing air.

You play as Felix, who has come to realise the more sinister side of Phonopolis, it's down to you to explore the city and discover its secrets. As with the studio's other games, it looks like this will play out with head-scratching environmental puzzles.

Though no platforms, aside from PC, have been confirmed yet, we're pretty excited to learn more about this one. We loved Creaks in 2020, so we have high hopes for this new project. The only downside is that it's not releasing anytime soon; Amanita Design says not to expect it in the next 12 months, so it'll be a Summer 2023 launch at the absolute earliest.

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