Escape Academy PS5 PS4 1

The concept of an escape room is already very video game-like, so it's no wonder one studio spotted the potential to bring that popular experience to the living room. Escape Academy is being developed by Coin Crew Games, a small team that comes from a background of creating real-life escape rooms. Putting you in the shoes of students of the titular school, you and a co-op buddy will need to crack all sorts of puzzles and find your way out of increasingly complex conundrums.

The game was announced a couple of months ago with a loose release window of June this year. Now, the studio has confirmed Escape Academy will launch on 28th June, coming to both PS5 and PS4. New details aside from that are slim, but maybe that's for the best — we wouldn't want any of those puzzles spoiled.

Anyway, are you looking forward to Escape Academy? Will you be teaming up to tackle escape rooms with a friend? Make notes in the comments section below.