Image: Maxim Abramov

In a recent investor presentation, Electronic Arts went through its upcoming slate of games for the next fiscal year. Obviously, the publisher ran through all the titles we know about, such as F1 22, the next Need for Speed, and other sports games like NFL and FIFA 23 — which will be the last FIFA-branded football sim from the company. However, looking a little further afield, EA mentioned a handful of games yet to be announced.

All the above-mentioned titles are pencilled in for release sometime this calendar year. However, in the publisher's fourth financial quarter — January to March 2023, that is — it's brought up four games that "have not yet been publicly disclosed". These are:

  • Major IP
  • Partner Title
  • Remake
  • Sports Title

Of course, speculation as to what these might be is all over the place. "Remake" immediately brings Dead Space Remake to mind, but that has already been officially announced, so this is referring to something different. As for "major IP", Dragon Age 4 is something we vaguely know is happening, but has yet to be properly announced, so that's a possibility. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 hasn't officially announced yet either, and could potentially fall under major IP or partner title. The sports game could be any number of things — maybe College Football?

Frustratingly, we probably won't learn what these mysterious games are for quite a while. EA Play Live won't be happening this year, so there's no telling when the publisher plans to announce any new titles. Anyway, what do you think these four games could be? Give us your best guesses in the comments section below.

[source s22.q4cdn.com, via ign.com]