The next big Deathloop update is all about new features and work done under the hood as Photo Mode and a series of new accessibility options are added to the PlayStation 5 console exclusive. With the patch available to download now, you can also redeem some free Deathloop PS5 avatars while you wait for it to be done.

The codes are as follows, and you don't need to own the game to claim them:

  • SIEA (North America, South America) — 7673-6HNN-K887
  • SIEE (Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania) — 3XF7-QANX-CJ6A
  • SIEJ (Japan) — QQH5-75NA-3TBP
  • SIE Asia (Asia) — KB3H-FQNJ-5BCT
  • SIEK (South Korea) — AN6J-FGNM-CCH7

Photo Mode will be the highlight of Deathloop's third major update for most, with the chance to take in-game snapshots available in single player. You'll be able to apply various filters, position Colt and Julianna in different poses, and swap out their weapons and outfits. Studio director Dinga Bakaba said Photo Mode was one of the most requested features from the Deathloop community. "Seeing how virtual photographers were able to make incredible shots in our worlds without one, we can’t be more thrilled to empower the entire community with these tools."

The patch also introduces more than 30 improved and brand new accessibility options, including a slider for adjusting combat difficulty, the ability to slow the game speed down, and new HUD and subtitle options. You can now also navigate menus using the D-Pad instead of the Destiny style cursor.

On the PlayStation Blog, lead UI/UX designer Yoann Bazoge explained that over 400 million gamers rely on some form of accessibility option or other. "That’s a lot of people that can feel left out without some of these options. When we began discussing it with our teams, people were very motivated about the idea of developing all of this."

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