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The beleaguered Battlefield 2042 is still struggling to find its footing after its disastrous launch, which was marred by its many bugs, and bereft of features fans had come to expect. More than six months later, developer DICE is still working to right the ship. The latest patch, 4.1, brings with it many meaningful changes that attempt to do just that.

Perhaps the most telling is the downscaling of the Breakthrough game mode, from 128 players to 64. Breakthrough is a game mode in which the attacking team must push through several large zones, forcing the defenders off of each point and pushing them back to their own side of the map.

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The advantage in war lies with the defender, and the same is true in Battlefield 2042. 128 player matches are chaotic enough in the more open-ended Conquest game mode, but in Breakthrough, where the action is funnelled into specific points, they were often downright frustrating.

Reducing the player count might alleviate this specific issue, but 2042's problems run deeper than that, and it remains to be seen if these changes will appease the hardcore.

Other highlights include nerfs to Boris's Sentry Gun, an increase to Aim Assist, and set map sizes for specific maps (to account for the reduced player count in Breakthrough). Are you excited about the changes coming to Battlefield 2042? Are you still playing? Share your best K/D in the comments section below.