Assassin's Creed Origins PS5 Patch

Well, for a minute there, it was looking like we would all be playing Assassin's Creed Origins at 60 frames-per-second on our PS5s this week — but that seems very unlikely at this point. It all started with a new patch for Origins being spotted on PlayStation servers, which usually suggests an imminent release. However, Ubisoft's yet to bring it up in an official capacity, and there's no sign of the update going live at the time of writing.

So what's the hold up? Three words: Xbox Game Pass. Ubisoft confirmed last week that Origins would be heading to Microsoft's subscription service on the 7th June (as reported by our pals at Pure Xbox) — and we're willing to bet that's also when its PS5 patch will finally drop. What's more, the 7th is a Tuesday, and that's almost always the day when Ubisoft refreshes its games with updates and weekly challenges.

It's a bit annoying to know that the update is apparently ready to go and that it's just being held back, but what's another couple of weeks to wait? If our theory does turn out to be accurate, then Ubisoft will probably make an announcement near the end of next week.

If we hear anything in the meantime, we will, of course, write about it here on Push Square.

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