Apex Legends PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Remember the recent article about Genshin Impact’s insane income? Well, here’s another one: Apex Legends has raked in $2 billion in revenue since it released approximately three years ago. It’s another startling statistic that puts into focus why Sony has 10 live service games in production – the rewards are frankly flabbergasting if you can land a hit.

The most impressive thing about Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is that its returns are actually improving – particularly impressive in a post-lockdown landscape, where engagement has slightly reduced as people slowly return to their normal routines. In the previous fiscal year, Apex Legends enjoyed a 40 per cent increase in revenue compared to the one prior, and the recent Season 12 was its “most successful ever”.

Of course, since then the game has released natively on the PS5, which is sure to give it another bump. Executives are banking on the game eventually making $1 billion in revenue every year, with an upcoming mobile release a key milestone for the title. You may not like the live service boom, but it’s easy to understand why publishers are chasing the trend.

[source dotesports.com]