A Monster's Expedition launched on PC in 2020, and though it remains a little-known indie game, it garnered a very strong reception. It's a peaceful puzzle game in which you manoeuvre wooden logs so they bridge the waters between islands, and it looks rather wonderful in this new trailer. The game has just launched for both PS5 and PS4, available now.

As mentioned, it's a relatively simple puzzler, but as expected, that basic premise gradually balloons in complexity as you can only move those logs in specific ways. What's neat about this title is that it all appears to take place on one huge map, making it a game about exploration as much as it is about puzzles.

Again, it's available now for £14.99/$19.99, granting access to both versions. Will you be checking this one out? Have you already played the game? Go on an expedition in the comments section below.

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