It may not look like that sort of game, but it's been announced Weird West will be treated to some free content updates and community events in the coming months. The first is an event called The Plague, with a content pack, Nimpossible Mode, the Caged Ones event, and mods to follow. The roadmap then confirms there'll be even "more to come".

These community events are only available for a limited time according to the YouTube description. "Reports are rolling in from across the Weird West of a plague of undead rising from the grave! Worse, a terrible sickness seems to follow in their wake. Stay sharp, travelers." Footage depicts pools of blood and zombies across the western setting, so it looks like the undead has taken over ala Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

In our Weird West PS4 review, we praised its combat, player freedom, and story. Accompanied by a 7/10 rating, we concluded: "Immersive sim fans will be in their element here, but Raphael Colantonio's latest won't have as wide an appeal as his previous successes with Arkane."