There’s a new tennis title rallying for your interest, and we hope with all our soul that it’s good. Matchpoint: Tennis Championships has a PlayStation 5 and PS4 release date: 7th July, 2022. That’s just at the very tail-end of Wimbledon, just prior to the finals weekend, so it couldn’t be better timed.

One person you’ll probably be sick of by then is Tim Henman, who will presumably be part of the BBC’s commentary team. He’ll be a playable pro in the Legends Edition of the game, alongside Tommy Haas. Those who pocket the Legends Edition will also get a digital wallpaper and the title’s original soundtrack. The standard edition retails for £44.99, with the Legends Edition costing £47.99, so it’s not too much of a premium.

“The upcoming tennis simulator is set to serve up a thrilling gameplay experience and features true-to-life ball physics, sophisticated character animations, and unprecedented player control,” the press release teases. “Players will experience what it takes to become a true tennis legend, whether that’s rallying against friends or working their way to the top in the game’s deep career mode and unique merit-based ranking system.”

If you’re confident, you can pre-order the title from the PS Store right now, with a 10 per cent discount for PS Plus subscribers. Thought exercise: how many coaches will US Open champion Emma Raducanu have fired by the time this drops?

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