The Walking Dead Telltale

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is 10 years old this week (welp!) and we’ve been reminiscing on its fantastic post-apocalyptic story. Within a span of just five episodes, players around the world came to love the wholesome father/daughter relationship between survivors Lee and Clementine.

There are a lot of memorable moments from the series, like the (spoilers!) creepy cannibal farm, Lee getting bitten, and don’t even get us started on that ending… great… We’re crying already. Telltale proved itself to be the master of drawing us in with great characters, then hooking us with agonising dilemmas. Just don’t let Clementine eat the meat!

However, an often underrated element of this series is its stellar opener. Within the span of 10 minutes we are introduced to its tone, central character, and gameplay mechanics in a skillful yet simple way. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, we broke down this ominous opener to highlight just how well Telltale can start a story, and you can watch that breakdown over on the Push Square YouTube channel.

Whether it is the vague mentions of a crime, the gradual increase of police presence, or the full-tilt horror second half, there is a lot to be admired about this opener. And without being overly obvious it plants a lot of narrative seeds that will continue to grow across the duration of its five episodes. Let us know down below, what your initial impressions were of this classic back in the day, and if you think it still holds up all these years later.