The new season of Apex Legends is steadily creeping up on us, and the wait just got all the more excruciating thanks to its first trailer. Respawn Entertainment has been building up the hype through a variety of in-game events and challenges, which are assuredly expanding its lore, with deeper character backstories and the like.

The latest trailer reveals the title of the upcoming season, Saviours, but more importantly, it gave us our first official glimpse at the new Legend, Newcastle. Newcastle has long been rumoured as the latest to expand the roster, with a hefty leak making its way out into the wild a few months back. Now, with the season just a couple of weeks away, said rumours and leaks were confirmed and so much more.

If you are keen to get a glimpse of the latest season, head on over to the Push Square YouTube channel, where we have some footage, and a breakdown Newcastle’s abilities, along with some of the new content that was teased.

If you are a lore nut, then you’ll be giddy to know that Newcastle finally brings Jackson Williams into the Apex Games, who for those that don’t know, is the brother of Anita Jackson, better known as Bangalore. This should provide plenty of interesting dialogue interactions in game.

We can expect to get even more info on the latest season in the coming weeks as we near its launch date, which is likely to land on Tuesday, 10th May. Until then, let us know if you like the look of this new defensive Legend, and whether you’ll be playing as him when Saviours drops.