Does your life have time for another free-to-play Battle Royale game? Probably not, right? Hear us out, though: as annoying as the styling on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt’s name may be, this game looks promising. And it’s available for free on the PlayStation 5 right now: the file weighs in at just shy of 17GB, so you should have a spare corner on your SSD to try it out with.

The game’s set in the beautiful city of Prague, although there’s nothing beautiful about what you’ll be getting up to: you’ll need to sate your bloodlust by feasting on people, without arousing the suspicion of your foes. The early feedback we’ve seen has been positive, although given this is launch day for a free-to-play game, we’d expect some server woes.

Weirdly, Sony has bought timed exclusivity for this title, on console at least, so you won’t see it appear anywhere else until at least 27th October, 2023. While the marketing doesn’t feel like it’s been anywhere near as strong as other console exclusives, we’re captivated by the concept here: a dark, gloomy, gothic Battle Royale could be a fun foil to Fortnite’s goofiness.

We’ll have hands on impressions soon.