Two Point Campus might have been pushed back to August, but the game is no less exciting a prospect. We know from the team's previous game that it knows how to deliver a smartly designed and wonderfully silly management sim, and that's evident in this new trailer for the university-based follow-up. It reveals one of the courses in which you can enrol your students: Wizardry.

Taking place in the brilliantly named Spiffinmoore, pupils will be able to mix potions, study divination, and learn spells. Students will be able to use their magical know-how to partake in duels and deal with any enemies that might be floating around the school grounds.

This is just one of many subjects your students can enrol in, of course. We also know about Gastronomy (cooking) and Knight School (history?), but there are definitely more to be unveiled. The above video is the first of multiple course reveals, so we expect to see a couple more in the run up to launch on 9th August.

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