The Ascent Cross-Play PS5 PS4

The Ascent stormed onto PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 last month, and we rather liked it in our 7/10 review. Playing alone, the cyberpunk shooter can be a blast if you're into its grimy world and upgrade-driven action, but it's perhaps best enjoyed with a friend or two. As we've come to expect of co-op enabled, cross-gen titles, cross-play is possible between the two PlayStation consoles — but a new hotfix actually removes PS5-PS4 cross-play from the game.

As developer Neon Giant explains, cross-play between PS5 and PS4 was somehow activated unintentionally, and apparently needs more testing "to ensure the best experience for all players". Weird, but at least we've been given a reason!

What's more, this hotfix caps the The Ascent's frame rate at 30 on PS4 in order to "maintain consistent performance".

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