Tales Of Arise Sales 2
Image: Tales of Series

Tales of Arise has been a hit for Bandai Namco. The largely fantastic action RPG, which released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in September of last year, has now topped 2 million copies sold. That's an impressive return in the current market β€” a figure that makes it one of the most successful Japanese-developed RPGs of the last decade or so.

It also means that Tales of Arise has sold a solid 500,000 units since its previous sales update in October 2021. Before that, Bandai Namco had confirmed that the game had hit 1 million copies within a week of its launch, immediately making it the fastest selling Tales title ever.

However, despite its clear commercial success, there are no plans to expand on Tales of Arise with a sequel or story DLC. The developer has stated that it wants to move on to something new.

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