Sifu Update Roadmap

Sifu developer SloClap has finally spilled the beans on its plans for 2022. Four major updates are locked in for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 brawler, offering difficulty settings, gameplay modifiers, a new arena mode, and more.

The first of these four updates arrives next week, on the 3rd May. It brings the aforementioned difficulty options — brand new easy and hard modes — while also adding advanced training, and the ability to change the main character's outfit.

The next three updates arrive in the summer, autumn, and winter.

It's great to see that SloClap is keen to add so much stuff to what is already a very good game. Sifu released back in February, and its commitment to challenging martial arts gameplay attracted a lot of positive attention (before Elden Ring came along and completely dominated the conversation).

Will you be returning to Sifu for these updates? Be like water in the comments section below.