Soul Hackers 2 Gameplay

Soul Hackers 2 came out of nowhere back in February, when it was announced for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, targeting August release dates. The Shin Megami Tensei spinoff is all about style, story, and slick turn based combat — but we've yet to really see the game in prolonged action.

Fortunately, as picked up by Persona Central, Soul Hackers 2 got some uninterrupted gameplay footage during a recent Japanese livestream. It's only five and a half minutes long, but it should give you a good idea of how things flow.

It looks solid (and again, really stylish), but we'd still love to see more. The only thing we're not totally keen on is the camera perspective while exploring — it seems incredibly close to the main character, to the point where a whole chunk of the surrounding environment is largely obscured.

Are you looking forward to Soul Hackers 2? Gather a small army of demons in the comments section below.

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