First-person shooter games weren’t all that common on the SEGA Genesis for obvious reasons, but 1994 title Zero Tolerance was remarkable for that reason. The game, alongside Duke Nukem 3D, was one of the very few FPS games available on the classic console – and it’s making a comeback on the PlayStation 4, alongside its unreleased sequel Zero Tolerance Underground and prototype demo Beyond Zero Tolerance.

Those who frequented gaming magazines in the mid-90s will know that Beyond Zero Tolerance was eventually cancelled, but you’ll be able to play it by beating the original or Underground as part of the Zero Tolerance Collection. These games were technical marvels at the time but are obviously hugely compromised from a contemporary perspective: you have a tiny window into a sci-fi world in which the action takes place, which legitimately represented a godsend for SEGA Genesis owners back in the day.

Zero Tolerance Collection PS4 PlayStation 4 2
Zero Tolerance Collection PS4 PlayStation 4 3

If you prefer to own this kind of game physically, then Strictly Limited will be flogging a couple of boxed editions, across both Limited Edition (1,200 copies) and Special Limited Edition (800 copies) permutations. They’ll cost you $34.99 and $59.99 respectively, with pre-orders opening at 12AM CEST on 24th April. As far as we can tell there’s no word on a release date right now, but the expected ship date is Autumn 2022.

It’s pretty cool to see some of these extremely niche retro titles getting modern re-releases, and long may it continue. Do you have any familiarity with the original Zero Tolerance at all? Find the flamethrower in the comments section below.