Sometimes, just moving around in games can be enough to drive the experience. If the mechanics are strong enough, you might find yourself just traversing the world aimlessly, satisfied solely by how the character moves. There are many examples of this, and Exo One looks like it's banking hard on that idea.

Announced for a PlayStation 5 and PS4 release this summer, Exo One is a strange, sci-fi adventure that gives you control over an unusual spacecraft fuelled by momentum. Gaining speed on terra firma, you'll use rolling hills, ramps, and loops to reach crazy speeds and then take off, gliding through the skies and even reaching outer space. The ebb and flow of how this works is shown off a little in the above trailer.

It looks like it could definitely scratch a particular itch, doesn't it? Just the idea of moving through a game designed to get you rolling at a relentless pace seems appealing, even if there doesn't appear to be much more to it. There does seem to be some underlying story to carry you forward as well, however.

As written on the PS Blog, the PS5 version will benefit from the extra features of the DualSense as well as 120 frames-per-second support. There's no concrete release date, but it's confirmed to be crashing onto PS5 and PS4 in the summer.

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