South of the Circle, a game first released to overwhelmingly positive reviews on mobile phones, has been confirmed for a release on PlayStation 5 and PS4 in the near future. From the conveniently named developer State of Play, the game is described as an "emotional narrative experience exploring the relationship between Peter and Clara, Cambridge academics caught up in the political conflict of the Cold War".

While there are only four reviews listed for the title on Metacritic, all are extremely positive — the overall rating is an 84 following its launch on Apple Arcade. For example, Pocket Gamer UK awarded it a 9/10 and said: "If you’re looking for a compelling, well-written love story with an unexpected outcome, or you just want an interactive game that you can just take in and relax with, you’ll find South of the Circle is an experience you can’t miss out on.".

It's not known how the controls will transfer over from a phone screen to a DualSense controller, but it sounds like the core experience is one worth taking a look at. "The dramatic story focuses on the weight of life choices — between career, true love and the desire to keep our promises," the YouTube description reveals.