Steelrising has been drawing the eyes of action RPG fans for roughly two years now, and with the PlayStation 5 title due out this summer, it's about time that we saw some raw gameplay footage. Fortunately, courtesy of Game Informer, that's exactly what we have to gawk at today.

The game's rather unique setting and style is still evident here, as the footage walks us through various locations. It's obviously a very combat-focused experience, but while the action does look a bit janky at points, there are definitely some cool ideas at play. The fact that many of your weapons are an extension of your character's mechanical body is especially slick.

In case you didn't know, Steelrising is the latest game from Spiders — the developer behind GreedFall, The Technomancer, and Bound by Flame. We're of the opinion that Spiders has been getting better with every game that it puts out, so we're hoping that Steelrising goes beyond the flawed but still decent GreedFall, which released in 2019.

What do you make of Steelrising? Accept the mechanical revolution in the comments section below.