PS Store Sales Charts March 2022

The PlayStation Store download charts for March 2022 are in, and as per usual, they make for an interesting read. Given its immense popularity, it's no surprise to see Elden Ring still hanging about the top spots. The open world action RPG retained its crown in North America, but it was actually overtaken by Gran Turismo 7 in Europe. Not a huge shock since Sony's flagship driving sim has always been a heavy hitter in European regions, but it also managed second place in North America.

Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West pretty much fell of a cliff with regards to its positioning. The highly rated PlayStation exclusive dropped from second in its launch month of February all the way down to eighth in North America and ninth in Europe, beaten out by the likes of WWE 2K22, FIFA 22, and Grand Theft Auto V. We certainly didn't see such a steep fall coming Aloy's way, even though you'd expect some kind of dip following its initial hype.

As for new releases, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands managed fifth and ninth in NA and EU respectively, which isn't necessarily bad, but it's perhaps not the kind of impact you'd expect from what is essentially a Borderlands game. And then there's Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which really struggled for a decent spot, given its namesake. The often ridiculous action RPG had to settle for seventh in NA, and fourteenth in EU. Chaos must be loving this turn of events.

It was a similar story of regional discrepancy for Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is off to a fairly lacking start. The first-person action title managed a somewhat respectable ninth in NA, but it could only sneak in sixteenth place in EU.

You can find the full charts over on the PlayStation Blog. Which games did you buy last month? Give us your own chart analysis in the comments section below.