PS Plus Extra Premium Games

Sony is busy sending out emails regarding the overhaul of PlayStation Plus. For the most part, the included information is nothing new โ€” the email just goes over what the new tiers have to offer โ€” but Sony does outright confirm that games will be added to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on a monthly basis. Titles can be removed from the catalogue as well.

The email reads: "New games will be added to the Game Catalogue every month while others may leave the service." The Game Catalogue itself will comprise of "up to 400" PS5 and PS4 games, and is the main selling point for PS Plus Extra. Of course, this same catalogue is included as part of PS Plus Premium, the most expensive tier, which also gives you access to loads of PS1, PS2, and PSP games (via download or streaming), as well as PS3 titles (via streaming only).

While we're still waiting to find out which games are actually included with the new tiers, we at least have a better idea of how Extra and Premium are going to operate. Hopefully Sony keeps the information coming ahead of the PS Plus relaunch in June.