Portal 2

Anyone who has played Portal and Portal 2 will know how special those games are, and will almost unanimously be in favour of a third entry in the first-person puzzle series. Of course, Valve being Valve, it feels rather unlikely that we'll see a new adventure within the confines of Aperture Science anytime soon, but that's not to say key creators are against the idea. Quite the opposite: one of the co-writers has plainly stated he'd "love to" work on Portal 3.

Speaking on the Kiwi Talkz podcast, Erik Wolpaw openly discusses his desire to continue work on the franchise. Asked if he'd be open to the possibility of writing Portal 3, Wolpaw says: "Oh yeah, I would love to. I’d work on another Portal in a second, but I can’t make it happen by myself." He goes on to explain that, with all of Valve's moving parts and quantity of employees, getting any single project off the ground would be difficult.

Ultimately, he ends the podcast making his wishes clear: "We’ve gotta start Portal 3. That’s my message to… to whoever," adding that he's "not getting any younger."

We can only hope that Wolpaw's desire is made reality, and that we'll all be playing the third entry in a few years' time. We wouldn't say it's totally out of the question; nobody expected a new Half-Life game, but Valve published the VR prequel, Half-Life: Alyx, in 2020 to critical acclaim. The company's still got it, in other words — let's hope we see that talent put into some new test chambers. Would you be keen for Portal 3? Slide on some propulsion gel in the comments section below.

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