Square Enix's looter shooter Outriders is being treated to a huge expansion named Worldslayer that introduces a new campaign, tons of new gear, a level cap increase, and more endgame content on 30th June 2022. This content will be delivered as a paid upgrade for current PlayStation 5, PS4 owners, while new players can purchase it all at once along with the base game. Check out the trailer above for a taste of what Worldslayer offers.

Firstly, the expansion offers a new campaign that can be accessed straight away — you don't need to have played the original story. You'll be going up against a new Altered enemy called Ereshkigal, who is said to wield a new power. "She stands in the way of the Outriders’ continued quest for the survival of humanity, as the planet of Enoch experiences cataclysmic changes caused by the Anomaly."

If you've already played through the original game, you can use your pre-existing character in this new campaign, and if you're new, there's a level 30 boost item that'll get you up to speed with Worldslayer right away. You'll also be given adequate gear and weapons to begin the expansion, and all previous content (the original campaign) will scale to level 30, so it'll still present a challenge.

Elsewhere, new gears give you something else to strive for. Each class is receiving two new five-piece legendary armour sets, and then there'll be more three-piece sets that any class can equip. "Worldslayer contains almost a hundred new Legendary items in total, across weapons and armor pieces, and they all have new and unique mods with gameplay altering abilities," a press release mentions.

Then there are the new Apocalypse Tiers, which replace Challenge Tiers for Expeditions. These essentially act like a light version of New Game+, allowing you to face off against stronger enemies and earn better loot in the base campaign. The new gear level cap is 75, and Apocalypse Tier 40 will get you there. This mode also introduces Apocalypse variants of gear, which come with a third mod slot.

Finally, the Worldslayer expansion introduces a new endgame mode called the Trial of Tarya Gratar. Developer People Can Fly is keeping quiet on what it entails for now, but more information will be shared soon.