With the Major League Baseball season officially underway, Sony San Diego Studio has something original for MLB The Show 22 up its sleeve. Rather than leave its basic, Live Series cards to rot, it’s dreamed up a new initiative for Diamond Dynasty: Supercharged Players. Basically, throughout the season, the developer will be keeping a beady eye on outstanding performances right across the league.

The idea is that any player who has a particularly outstanding game in real-life can receive an enormous ratings boost, transforming an otherwise average player into an absolute monster. The catch is that this is only temporary: a 48-hour supercharge – as the name implies – that will put ordinary players temporarily on par with superstars.

Obviously, the developer will continue to adjust ratings throughout the season if players continue to exceed expectations, but this is all about driving interest in often overlooked cards. It’s going to completely invigorate the Community Market, and crucially keep Diamond Dynasty teams fresh. The first boosted ratings are live right now, with more to follow through Opening Day.

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