We've all been asking for a return to EA's Skate series for years, and the publisher finally answered the call in 2020. Tentatively called Skate 4, the upcoming new game from developer Full Circle is in full production right now, and a new clip circulating online gives us a vague idea of how things are progressing.

A short video popped up online showing pre-alpha gameplay footage of the game, which is apparently in an early playtesting phase. The clip's original source has been removed, but not before others got their hands on it, including VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb:

As you can see, the game is far from finished, with Grubb pointing out that the team is aiming to "get the feel right" first and foremost. There's definitely potential in what we're seeing here, with some nice animation and what looks like fluid motion from board tricks to somersaults and, inevitably, some bone-crunching crashes.

Obviously, there's no word on when to expect the final game, but this clip suggests we still have a fair wait ahead. Are you excited for the next Skate entry? Pop shove-it into the comments section below.

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