Rogue Legacy 2

In case you didn't know, Rogue Legacy 2 was recently released on PC and Xbox consoles, and it appears to be a smash hit. Critics are loving the rogue-lite sequel to the dangerously addictive original, praising its wealth of options and possibilities as well as its tight gameplay. The bad news — at least right now — is that the game isn't available on PS5 or PS4. Some fans are obviously asking: is Rogue Legacy 2 coming to Sony's systems?

The answer isn't straightforward, as you might expect. However, developer Cellar Door Games has responded to several people on social media, providing an honest answer that leaves things up in the air. Essentially, the team is explaining that it's a tiny studio, and so can only prioritise one thing at a time.

So, it isn't ruling anything out, in other words. The game was primarily developed for PC, and was in early access for a long time before reaching its finalised launch version a few days ago. There's no telling what Cellar Door's next steps will be, but the first game had a staggered release across various platforms, so we imagine Rogue Legacy 2 will follow a similar pattern.

We sincerely hope it does make the jump to PlayStation; the original is a true delight, and we remember playing for hours on end, especially the Vita version. Anyway, there's nothing concrete for now.

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