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The excellent next-gen version of GTA 5, already available digitally at a discounted price, will hot-wire a retail release from 12th April. Rockstar confirmed the news in its weekly GTA Online update, so all those of you who prefer physical games will be able to snap that up, either from the Rockstar Store or selected retailers.

“GTA 5 is beginning to show its age, but it’s a testament to Rockstar’s original vision that Los Santos still stacks up,” we wrote in our review. “The improvements to image quality and framerate give this sunny sandbox a new lease of life, and while some of the single player gags may not hit as hard as they did in 2013, there are still plenty of memorable missions across the release’s 30 hour running-time.”

It’s worth reiterating that GTA 5 is just £8.75/$9.99 on the PS Store until 14th June, so it’s much cheaper to buy the game digitally. The physical version will cost £34.99/$39.99, which is the price the digital version will increase to once the aforementioned promotional period has passed. Are you planning a return visit to Los Santos at all?