GrimGrimoire PS4 Remaster

Perhaps one of Vanillaware's lesser known games, GrimGrimoire is making a return this July. The beautifully illustrated strategy titles first launched for the PlayStation 2 all the way back in 2007, and now it's being remastered for PS4 — but only in Japan for the time being.

The charmingly named GrimGrimoire OnceMore will feature a range of enhancements. Powerful new spells have been added alongside a fast-forward option for both cutscenes and combat, the ability to save your game during battles, and a rebalanced hard mode. What's more, a skill tree gives you the ability to spend coins on various perks, while a welcome gallery mode lets you view the game's lovely artwork at your leisure.

Here's hoping that GrimGrimoire OnceMore also makes it West. Would you give this old tome a read? Did you play the original on PS2? Summon some magical entities in the comments section below.

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