Overcooked has quite a lot to answer for — it's become a surprisingly big influence, with many co-op focused titles aiming to recapture the magic of Ghost Town Games' chaotic cooking game. The latest of these is Fueled Up, a sci-fi co-op experience just announced for PlayStation 4.

Instead of testing your culinary skills, this title from Fireline Games tasks up to four astronauts with salvaging and recovering spaceships. Each level is a vessel on the verge of disaster, and you'll need to work together to put out fires, refuel the engines, patch up the hull, and more. You can see it in action in the above trailer.

It looks to be pretty fun in much the same way as its inspiration, and with both local and online options, you should have plenty of people to play with when it arrives sometime this year. What do you think of Fueled Up? Launch an escape pod in the comments section below.

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